Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reasons for this blog

Inspired by Michael de la Maza's articles 400 Points in 400 Days part 1 and 400 Points in 400 Days part 2 and the blogging Knights Errant De la Maza, i start my own blog, which will serve (mainly) as a tracker of my progression as i am about to start a training regimen which i cooked up myself. Now it won't be no MDLM circles, but it will have it's roots (or something like that). It'll be a mix of thing's, but the main point will be the extensive and repeadetly exercising e.g. tactical problems, which Michael de la Maza claims to be the key to certain succes.


At 03 September, 2005 07:22 , Anonymous Christian said...

Do not forget tht in order to successfully learn and retain the info you must apply it in games. That will reinforce those lessons and they will stick better.

Why are you doing this? Are you planning on playing in otb tourneys? Is it to give yourself a purpose?

At 04 September, 2005 04:22 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Hey Chris! It is you isn't it? I am aware of the fact that playing games plays a role as well. And i do play. Only not OTB. But i will eventually. Why am i doing this? In the first place to improve ofcourse, secondly, yes it's kinda purpose giving as well. I think i was looking for some direction. Because i was like looking at everything at once. I was reading this, reading that, hearing this, hearing that. I was going nuts over all the information. And it wasn't helping my game at all. What i need is a clear path and maybe this will help. Eversince the days i started working out physically i wanted to keep a log, because that was kind of a recommended something to do... But i never really knew how to start one... Now this blogging hype turns up and i find myself being genuinly interested in it. Also inspired by the Knights. So i decided to jump on the bandwagon and start (b)logging this way as well. Who knows... Maybe someday i'll be an inspiration to somebody myself. Man i'm tired :)


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