Thursday, September 01, 2005

A fresh start

Now what nicer time is there to start something, then at the beginning of a new month? I always liked looking at it as a new beginning, a fresh start :)I am about to embark on my own cooked up training regimen, and i have got just the right equipment, i think. Now it has to be based somewhat on the extensive MDLM training e.g. repeadetly training tactics. And after some surfing on the web i have found this little gem.
It's the Personal Chess Trainer 2. It has been co-developed by a bunch of Brazilian Masters and Grandmasters, Gilberto Milos being one of them. And i think this will suit just my needs, for now. Visit it's website for a limited but free of use demo here.
Take a look at some of it's screen shots to give you an idea of what you can expect.

It covers tactics, endgame and strategy training in one. The basic concept of this training is to develop your chess strategy, tactic and endgame skills through repetition and memorization of key concepts (patterns) and positions (a bit like de la Maza's, right?).
Believe me, it is awesome. And i intend to go through the whole lot as prescribed by the developers. Which is going over each and every single module which in their turn hold about 6 thousand positions alltogether. But that's not all, cause one exercise alone is considered learned (depending on your results ofcourse) after going over it six times. Actually i allready went over about 297 diagrams, but i am going to reset it and start over fresh, and keep you all informed of my progression. Now it's not going to be no seven days a week regimen like with the MDLM way, cause i simply cannot handle that. My respect to those who managed. But i got too much on my mind to be on a regimen like that. Wish me luck :)
And make sure to get that demo. It'll be worth your while.


At 05 September, 2005 16:08 , Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Welcome, and I look forward to hearing how you like the software once you have really trudged through it once. I will add it to my Seven Circles Software List soon. The first new addition to the list in a while!

At 06 September, 2005 06:49 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I'll make sure you'll be the first one to get the review :)

At 27 July, 2006 22:00 , Blogger transformation said...

THIS IS SO COOL! thank you. i will write you at todays post. david


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