Sunday, April 16, 2006

So much for my National Master challenge :-(

What i was afraid of still happened. The National Master stopped moving... Too bad :-(

Here are the final positions.

White (Me) Black (the National Master)

White (the National Master) Black (Me)

As you can see, we were still in the early opening stages. Anyway, i've got myself another nice challenge instead... I came to find out WGM Yelena Dembo started playing on GameKnot. I knew she played at other places where i tried to challenge her before, but was unable to because of restrictions here, restrictions there, restrictions everywhere :-)
Anyway, thanks to GameKnot i finally got a chance to play against her, and this is the current position.

I'm Black.

The position arose from a (B04) Alekhine's Defense. Though i probably should have known better then to play Alekhine's Defense against a WGM. On the other hand, i guess it doesn't really matter...There's a 99.9% chance i will get thrashed no matter what opening i use :-) And i'm probably still giving myself too much of a chance here :-)

My games vs the (men's) Grandmaster are also still active, though they are currently on hold due to the Grandmaster having taken some time off.

Keep y'all posted.

P.S. No kibitzing please ;-)


At 16 April, 2006 21:02 , Blogger Majnu said...

Hi Edwin,
Nice to see that you are writing some more here on your weblog. I visit it regularly.
Good luck in your game against this beautifull lady! Don't have any mercy. ;-)

At 17 April, 2006 04:23 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Well thank you Majnu! It is always nice to see someone taking an interest in my weblog :-) I always stop by yours whenever you have something new posted... You're on my blogroll even ;-) (so i can keep track of your postings). And about my game, i'll try and give it my best. As i do (most of the times) in all of my games.


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