Friday, September 02, 2005

Ok, so what is my regimen about?

My regimen will be about completing PCT 2 in a certain timespan. Now you have to understand that the PCT 2 consists of modules which start at a simple level and then gradually reach more complex ones. The modules in the full version (which i have) are divided as followed; 6 tactics modules, 3 endgame modules and 3 strategy modules. Also each of these modules are subdivided in units as followed; Tactics consists of 6 modules with 51 units each, endgames consists of 3 modules with 51 units each and strategy also consists of 3 modules with 51 units each. Alltogether the amount of positions is 6480. The basic concept is to develop your chess skills through repetition and memorization of these positions. Thus it's recommended to repeat each and every unit 6 times. In the end i will have gone over 38880 positions. Now how to go about? Well i was thinking of spending 5 days a week on this regimen. Weekends off. I mean the brain is like a muscle, and muscles need to relax as well in order to grow after a workout, so... Anyway, i was thinking of going over 3 units 6 times per day. 1 unit of tactics, 1 unit of endgames and 1 unit of strategy of each module. Now i allready know that the 1st unit of tactics, endgames and strategy together make up 60 exercises. So that'll be 60 exercises x 6 is 360 positions a day. Seems reasonable, for now :) But with increasing difficulty, i am not sure if i am able to hold on to going over 3 units 6 times a day. Because it's not like i can sit behind the computer for 24 hours. So i came up with the following; I am going to try to go for the maximum amount of repetition of the 3 units per day. If it doesn't work i am going to go for the minimum. And the minimum repetition will be 3. Am i still making sense? Well i'm off. This posting keeps me from my training.


At 03 September, 2005 17:50 , Blogger DG said...

Edwin - Welcome to the chess blogosphere. If you are interested in being listed among the Knights Errant, please let me know.

DG - Boylston Chess Club Weblog

At 04 September, 2005 02:42 , Blogger DG said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on another blog -- Quando's I think. In any case, consider yourself a Knight. The only real requirement is that you include a list of the Knights on your sidebar. You can look at some of the other Knights' blogs for examples (typically Tempo and I have the most up to date lists, but diferent knights categorize differently). Posting frequently about your chess improvement efforts is also encouraged :)


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