Saturday, October 08, 2005

Progress report 3

After finding out the correct method of training with PCT and having gone over tac units 1 to 7 of the first module 6 times, i started all over again. The results in the image speak for themselves

As you can see, units 1 to 7 caused me little trouble because i allready went over them before 6 times. You immediatly see the change in Uni-08. It cost me about an hour to complete :)
Up to this point the module 1 tac units only showed mating paterns and at unit 8 they're allready starting to become difficult. Unit 8 had 135 positions including some reps of previous ones. Made about 5 errors in judgement. I don't think they're worth displaying :)
And if anyone wonders why i started all over, it is so i could give a correct display of the training history window.


At 08 October, 2005 22:43 , Blogger King of the Spill said...

>>After finding out the correct
>>method of training with PCT...

Hmm, I don't follow this. Are you training in mini-circles, a large number of problems per circle as per the typical MDLM approach, or does the PCT program want you to train a certain way?

At 09 October, 2005 00:44 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Well i guess you can just go about it however you want with the Personal Chess Trainer. It all depends on how much problems you want to solve. But the problems are all packed into these seperate units. But you can finish one and go halfway into the other one if you like... The program remembers where you left of and saves everything, so... I'm just trying to solve as much as i can within a certain amount of time i have to spend, which is somewhere between 1 and a 1/2 to 2 hours of studytime on a study day. But with increasing difficulty, i think i won't be solving multiple units at a time anymore.


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