Friday, September 23, 2005

Internet Chess Assistant Club

Were any of you aware that Chess Assistant had it's own Internet chess server? On which you can play FOR FREE? Well i wasn't. And i just stumbled on it last night. It is kinda comparible to FICS and ICC. You can even play correspondence games through the interface. It is looking very good. The only thing i don't like (which to me is a major issue) is the fact that i cannot export my games. They are stored in a local database which is part of the program, as well as on their server. I tried looking for the local database, but i couldn't find it (or make out what it is in it's program file). Then again, i think the game files use an extension which make them uncompatible with e.g. ChessBase. I also tried to select and copy the game notation, but that doesn't work either. Anyway, if you're interested, have a look here. And if anybody knows how i can export my games, please fill me in.


At 28 September, 2005 07:25 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I figured out myself how to export game scores. No need to fill me in anymore. Thank you.

At 01 July, 2009 19:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you export your game? I can't seem to figure it out . . .


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