Saturday, September 17, 2005

Take a break every once in a while!

I allready mentioned something about not wanting to overdo it in my Ok, so what is my regimen about? post, and today i came across the following which does a better job of explaining my view on this;

In weight-training, there's phenomenon known as overtraining: if you work out too hard, too long, and / or too often, you can actually start breaking down muscle tissue instead of building it up. In order to prevent this, experts recommend (among other things) taking some time off from training every so often.

The same thing applies to chess. It is quite possible to become "burnt out" if you spend too much time on anything, including chess. Warning signs include (but are certainly not limited to) playing poorly (especially blundering away pieces . . . ), poor concentration, having difficulty assimilating new information, and generally finding that you aren't enjoying chess.


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