Friday, January 13, 2006

Finished unit 17

Finished unit 17 of tactics module 1, while recovering from a severe back ache and learned even more positions. I've learned 180 now. The best thing is that they actually feel learned :)
So now it's 17 units down and 35 to go. And that's only tactics module 1 i'm talking about here... There are 5 more of them. And each of them hold 52 units. And then ofcourse there are the strategy and endgame modules... Phew! Completing PCT is gonna be quite a task. I also got my hands on a Fritz Powerbook 2005. A must have (if i may say so myself) for people who want to prepare for tournaments and the variety of openings they might confront. Ofcourse you can prepare yourself and your game against Fritz with it's supplied opening book. But you are likely to face very one sided opening play. And that is why ChessBase created the Powerbook. Just click the link for extended info. And don't overlook the link to Steve Lopez's review, as he explains in detail what the benefits are of having a Powerbook.


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