Monday, February 13, 2006

Knight (me) vs Knight (Satish) Challenge 2-0

I've won both Knight challenges against Satish (which were also the very first Knight challenges i took up). I do not take pride in the wins, because the games never finished. Satish forfeited them both on time. Moving on to the games, as black, i tried to play the Ruy Lopez classical defence after having seen some introductory moves to it, played by Capablanca. At the time i started the games (were talking turn-based games), i was just coming out of a phase in which i wanted to try out each and every opening i layed eyes on. Even though i had no knowledge of it whatsoever. So i decided to try out this classical defence as black. It wasn't going very well...
Moving on to Satish, i think the guy is a pretty solid player. He made me feel that he knows his way around on the board. Too bad we didn't get to finish the games. I would've probably lost my game as black, since white's position (before forfeit) was clearly better.
Anyway, i'm off now to see Jarhead

Knight (me) vs Knight (Satish) Challenge 2-0 (click to replay)


At 14 February, 2006 19:10 , Blogger Qxh7# said...

Satish seems to have dissappeared. He hasn't posted on his blog either.

At 15 February, 2006 04:50 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Indeed, he is becoming rather inactive where his blog is concerned... Let's just hope he's okay. But if your out there Satish, let us know what's the deal.


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