Saturday, June 17, 2006

Grandmaster vs Amateur (update)

Remember my turn-based games vs the Iranian (residing in France) Grandmaster Amir Bagheri i previously posted about? Well, they have come to an end. After the Grandmaster put the games on hold, he decided not to return at all, thus forfeiting the games. Technically you could say i've won both games (with the emphasis on "technically"), but i rather consider the games to have no outcome. Too bad, as i felt i had an interesting game going as White. The following diagram is the final position of me playing as White.

Less interesting was my game as Black, as i felt the position was starting to look pretty bad. Take a look at the diagram.

You can replay the games (with some annotation) to their final positions here. Anyway, all is not lost. I still got a game going with women's Grandmaster Yelena Dembo over at GameKnot :-)


At 23 June, 2006 17:10 , Anonymous marc said...

hey edwin , lukt het met unit 51 ?

At 24 June, 2006 08:06 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Jawel... Alleen is de snelheid er een beetje uit op het moment :-(

Ik ben iets over de helft. Zoals ik al eerder vertelde, ik zie niet echt kans om er met regelmaat voor te gaan zitten op het moment.

At 24 June, 2006 23:41 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

En daar komt natuurlijk ook nog eens bij dat ik de momenten die ik wist te benutten om eraan te gaan zitten, ik momenteel vul met het volgen van het WK 2006.

At 04 July, 2006 19:52 , Anonymous Lionel said...

So did he just decide not to return to the game because he felt he was losing? I know that happens a lot with your casual online player, but with a Grandmaster? That's pretty weird.

At 05 July, 2006 00:01 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I believe he had his reasons for not returning to his games. My games weren't the only one he did not return to. But to say he felt he was losing? Do you see him losing in the games mentioned? I can't. Anyway, i visited your website. Very nice ;-)

At 22 July, 2006 13:32 , Anonymous Thibault said...

funny... maybe you'll have a revenge against Amir on FICGS chess server.

Best wishes.


At 23 July, 2006 01:48 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Not really interested in a revenge against Amir. But i am always interested in new chess servers ;-)

From a first glance, it is looking interesting. I'll register for an account.


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