Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shit happens, still... After all this time.

My first IECG server based tournament game just ended in a loss. And what a loss. Check out the final position;

I resigned immediately after. It is hard to recover from losses like these. Makes me want to give up this game called chess all together. After all this time i invested into it, and much more... Sh*t like this still happens.


At 29 July, 2006 17:50 , Blogger classplayer said...

check out this:

To quote the page:

"pretend your choice is played and ask, “In this position, does he have any checks? Can he take any of my men?” Doing this religiously will help you avoid game ending blunders, so make it a habit."

good luck.

At 30 July, 2006 13:06 , Blogger takchess said...

Of course instead of posting these fighting games on my blog I could of posted a few 6 move losing minatures which occur occasionally. As you say Sh*t happens,Don't worry there is always another game to redeem yourself. It's the nature of chess to humble one from time to time. Even the things we think are easy are not always easy. I have found sometimes a really bad game is followed by some really good chess.
Go play some Halloween Gambits !

At 31 July, 2006 08:09 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I can assure you i was more then humbled. Anyway, a lot of sense goes into what you say. Thanks.

At 03 August, 2006 15:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

well this happen to me again and again and I feel the same but.. the next game the tables turned! dont leave. this happen to all us , Jsmry (Mexico)

At 04 August, 2006 00:15 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Thank you for your comment and concern Jsmry (if that is correct).


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