Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finished tactics unit 6 (module 2)


At 26 July, 2006 21:29 , Blogger transformation said...

dear dutch, i keep checking your post, hoping for a new post, and only today realize that these ARE all new posts, only they look alike. is there any way that you can narate, just a little, to explain your workings? this is NOT criticism. but the tables, unless someone did this training themselves, are hard to parse or distinguish or understand what the factors are, what you struggle with, where you are gaining.

or to tell us fellow chess improvers what we can learn from you, or hear what you have discovered or realized. of course, not everyone finds writing enjoyable and/or easy.

you must be a brilliant and gifted chess player, to have so much accomplishment, but i get the feeling that there is much that you are NOT saying. and to blog is not just to SHOW but also to SAY.

hope this day finds you well. not so hot today in the northwest of seattle...

At 27 July, 2006 09:15 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Brilliant and gifted chess player?? Whatever gave you that idea?

Anyway, it is not that i do not enjoy writing and/or easy, it is just that i am often way too tired to do so. And i am happy enough as it is, to show off the fact i managed to work through another unit. To some that might not be much of an accomplishment, but believe me, for me it is.

Also, there isn't a whole lot to add that i haven't covered yet, to the tables displayed. But i understand what you're trying to say. But even though it may seem like it, i do not post tables alone ;-)

Anyway, i think it is best to point out this, this, this, and maybe this post to shed a little light on the situation.

At 27 July, 2006 22:06 , Blogger transformation said...

all well said, thank you. i checked the old post. excellent!

question, if i may pls ask you briefly: how does this trainer compare to Renko/CTArt 9im doing it now)/or CTS?

very impressive software.

i totally understand how tired a person can be, given the unknowns of job, relationships, children, customers, workouts, aging parent, public service, chess play, beer, friends, study...

At 28 July, 2006 07:00 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I don't think one should compare. I like to view thing's as a stand alone type of thing. I enjoy it. That is all i can say. Comparing often leads to dissapointment. But even if i wanted to compare i couldn't, since i haven't really worked on Renko's stuff or CT-Art. Though i do have the stuff as well, as a lot of other material. See here. I hope i get around to work on it all, though i am afraid it will take me atleast another lifetime ;-)

At 28 July, 2006 08:25 , Blogger transformation said...

totally delectable updates. a treasure trove of deep proteins to chew on. thank you. i always enjoy your updates and posts.

you obviously really love chess.

im off for three days, in a short vacation i planned from work in april. since i work weekends, time off on weekends is not so much fantastic--here in seattle, and nice spots to go are way too crowded, and seattle is a dense city with lots of cars and people--as a chance NOT to be working with that same public on weekends. stores do almost 40% of their sales on sat/sunday, and there is always extra work, extra interaction. so the value isnt so much somewhere to go as somewhere NOT to be as a benefit.

so this means extra chess tactics, maybe a rapid or two.

warmly, dk


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