Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've made up my mind

about what to play versus two black openings that annoy me the most when playing 1.e4. Namely the Caro-Kann and the French (who doesn't it annoy?). It has taken me quite some valuable time (which i could've spend a whole lot better) to figure out what i wanted to play, and i'm glad that i have. Because now, i can finally get on with my life ;-)
I will no longer make up my mind and switch back and forth between openings as i have done many times before. This time, i am going to STICK with the choices i made.

What did i play against these annoying openings in the past? Well, versus the Caro-Kann i have played the Classical Variation, the Advance Variation, the Exchange Variation and the Panov-Botvinnik Attack. Of which the latter appealed to me most. And versus the French i have played the Exchange Variation, the Advance Variation and the Winawer Variation. Again, the latter appealed to me most. But only because of a certain game. I even employed the King's Indian Attack versus both openings at some point, and addopted it against everything else Black would throw at me and which i did not like to meet. Like the Pirc, the Robatsch and even the Sicilian. To keep thing's simple, you know? As in play one system against all. But the resulting play just could not appeal to me. No matter how often i played it. I do keep it in mind as a back up though...

Anyway, so what am i playing now? Atleast versus the two openings in question. Well, versus the Caro-Kann, i've decided to play (and stick with) a so-called anti Caro-Kann. Anti Caro-Kann!?

Now why didn't i think of that sooner?

So much for a creative mind :-(

Versus the French, i've decided to play it (and stick with) the Tiviakov way. As in the Tarrasch Variation. Ofcourse the Tarrasch can be played a number of ways, but i really like how Tiviakov plays it. He is in fact one of he leading experts as White against the French. You really should check out some of his games.
Anyway, the Tarrasch has actually been recommended to me before, but i guess i was checking out the wrong lines, because it didn't appeal to me. Untill i checked out Tiviakov's way :-)

I've allready played a couple of games using my new chosen systems, and the play finally had an appealing effect to me. More then that even. Check out me versus the Caro, and me versus the French. Don't mind too many of the details as both games were played under blitz conditions.


At 18 February, 2007 16:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Playing 1.e4 does leave you open to all these pesky defences (CKann Sicilian French Scandinavian Pirc Modern Philador & all of that is without 1...e5 Lopez Giuoco Piano et al!).

AccPanov vs CKann...mmm interesting
(I saw an interesting line against CK viz 1.e4 c6 2.Nf3 d4 3.exd4 cxd4 4.Ne5 & on but found zero games in Chessbase online database).

Trasch(sic) vs French mmm...I'd still like to master 3.Nc3 lines including the Winawer (great Winawer Kudrin vs Oksengoit).

Good luck (more power to !.e4 players!)

At 26 July, 2010 03:46 , Anonymous antheajane said...

Oh boy do I ever agree that The French is annoying! Same with the Caro -- My friend Brian Wall taught me this ridiculous response called The Hillbilly where you play Bc4 like you're going for the 4 move checkmate, and then when they play d5 you back the Bishop up to b3 and continue with Qh5, followed by Qh4 when they play g6 to aim at the previously gambited e4 pawn. It's the stupidest response to the Caro, and just as annoying. (not that it's good, but it's fun) and also the Gay Vulture is pretty funny in response to The French. For more on these see Brian Wall Chess


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