Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Play day report

I managed to play 5 quality games on my play day. Including 2 from my man vs machine match (more on that in another man vs machine update). The other games were played on uChess and Kurnik. I managed to win 3 1/2 out of 5 games total. I was playing a 15min winning game on Kurnik when my woman intervened. I was a pawn up in the endgame and doing comfortably timewise. Next thing you know i blunder away my dark squared Bishop against his and having virtually no time left. My concentration was completely gone. And it was such a quality (won) game :(
But what nicer interruption can you imagine :)
And there you go... That's how you can lose games as well. No matter how well you played. Anyway, this current distribution of study/play day's feels pretty good. My performance ain't bad either. Is this MDLM based training working? Too soon to tell. And you all know the saying; "You win some, you lose some".


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