Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bent Larsen selling 1927 portrait of Capablanca???

Apparently, legendary GM Bent Larsen is selling an original signed photograph portrait of world champion José Raúl Capablanca on eBay.

The picture is claimed to be the only existing portrait of the world champion from the period when he was challenged by Alexander Alekhine. In fact it was taken on the day before the start of the match. It goes without saying we are talking about a very unique item. An item I personally would like to hold on to. So what's up with that? Is the man in need of money? The starting bid stands at US $22,000 plus $50 shipping costs. At the time of the article which brought the selling to my attention, at ChessBase, you had only five days left to place your bids. Which makes it about three now. Too bad i don't have US $22,000 to spend.


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