Monday, September 04, 2006


Anyone of my readers familiar with this software?

Six World Champions

I have come across it (surfing the web) on a number of occasions and i would like to know your opinion about it. Especially when you have real experience with it. At first glance it looks interesting enough to make me want to purchase it.


At 04 September, 2006 12:21 , Blogger Majnu said...

I dont know the book. But I just bought another one with anotated games:

The Mammoth book of The World's Greatest Chess Games. By Burgers, Nunn, and Emms.

It contains 112 anotated games that according to the writers are the best games ever. A nice thing about it is that each games ends with an educative advice "Lessons from this game" and it's not expensive, only 13,25 Euro.

I haven't gone through the games yet but at fist sight it looks good.

At 04 September, 2006 12:23 , Blogger Majnu said...

ps: Sorry for my bad spelling, I'm a bit tired. * blush *

At 04 September, 2006 13:15 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Well, it isn't a book. It's software. Click the link for detailed info. And yes, i know the Mammoth book, and like to have it. But for now i've made up a starters collection of books and i probably build my way around it (adding other books) in due time. But thank's for sharing your views/experiences etc. I appreciate it a lot. Looking good at fist sight? I have been at fist sight a couple of times in my life and luckely managed to get away with not too many bruises ;-)

At 04 September, 2006 17:34 , Blogger Majnu said...

At fist sight :-)))

I checked the weblink. I would buy one of those cd-roms first to get an impression before buying the 6pack.

At 04 September, 2006 19:05 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

Further investigation brings about this. If that is what they mean by "detailed annotation" (and one would think after reading this review) it starts to look a whole lot less interesting. I was hoping to see Chernev like annotation (as in with words). This seems to me like rough analysis. And more then enough to make your head spin (see example).

At 04 September, 2006 20:38 , Blogger transformation said...

i wish to offer the following humble opinion (speaking only for my self, or what i want for myself alone, and not impose on another with imperative tone):

it is not more games, or more annotations, or more strategy books, or cd trainers that we need, not more endgame books or cd tests.

it is simply to sink our feet into the ground, or pick a set of things and really, really cook them. whether it be this software on the six world champions, or nunn's understanding chess move by move, or burgess worlds greatest games, or dvoretskys endgame manual or fundamental chess games, or CTS or CTart, or PCT, etc.

what i did for my game collection is to carefully select some 900 games over two or three years and really, really look at them. do i need more games? no. i feel that there is more fruit to go back and look at them again, rather than to go get another 1,100 games.

i made a pgn of both chernev's Logical Chess/ MostInstructiveGamesCEP, Nimzovitch, Nunn, Timman Art of Chess Analysis, Stohl InstructiveMCM, Zurich, etc. have i missed some stuff? yes, surely. but not much.

lastly, ive been annotating--to start--the 62 games in chernev MIGCEP. i wish to filter out noise, not add noise by increasing my increasing the set of items in my palette of options to study.

how much do we really need? or, as german philospher arthor schopenhauer said: "the ownership of books is not to be confused with the appropriation of their contents". my two cents, please. thank you for your posts, as always, david

At 04 September, 2006 22:25 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

I can dig that. But having another book/piece of software etc. doesn't harm your game either. I think :-)
So, you like to share those pgn files? How long did it take you to create them?

At 05 September, 2006 12:50 , Anonymous Erwin Oosterbeek said...

If you like to share that pgn-file, can I get a copy then? It would be great.

Greets, Erwin

At 05 September, 2006 18:04 , Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Those annotations look worthless: I could generate that with Fritz. Incidentally, I recently have been reading McDonald's book Chess: the art of logical thinking which is an excellent collection of thirty games, with every move explained. Much like Chernev, except recent and written by a GM.

At 07 September, 2006 02:52 , Blogger transformation said...

in reply to mr. Erwin Oosterbeek:

if you care to come to my post, and submit your email via a comment THEN delete the comment, i will have it and no one will see it, then once i migrate the old data from my old dell notebook to this new faster dell desktop i purchased two months ago, ill gladly make a note to get it to you, say in three weeks, maybe less?

take care, dk

At 07 September, 2006 04:30 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

"The art of logical thinking" is on my wishlist BD :-)

And Erwin, i have a ChessBase format file of Chernev's Logical Chess. If you like me to send it to you, you should send me an email. I'll make sure to reply with the file included.

At 07 September, 2006 14:17 , Anonymous Erwin Oosterbeek said...


At 07 September, 2006 20:27 , Blogger transformation said...

got it: my pgn which ill get you has:

chernevi 33 games, LCMBM
chernevii 62, MIGCEP
cherneviii 115, twelve greatest chessP&TGG
nunni, 30 understandingCMBM
nunnii, 24 secretsOGMP
timmart, 24 artCA
nimzovitchi, 50 myS
fischer, 60 myGGC
burgess, 100 greatestGCEP
stohl, 50 instructiveMCM
romero, 55 creativeCS (yasser S. says 'this is a VERY good book!'
nimzovitchii, 109 praxis
nimzovitchii2, ? supplemental games
bronstein, 210 zurich

this comes to 941 games, and is a clean file. UNANNOTATED. remember, i carefully went through ALL of them slowly, staring at the board, not click, click, click, and only after attempting my own accessment, do i look at any annotations if not make them myself.

of course, there are a few duplicates, and in the rarest of instances, triplicates, but substanatially diverse. so maybe 900 classics.

if i may please humbly submit, this is NOT my study plan, but GM game collections only--i.e. the usual pachman, averbakh, tal, kasparaov my great, silman, aashagard, tisdahl, kotov, etc among them and then some also, amply and diverse and totally inclusive.

once i port my data, ill send it and recorded your email. thx, dk

At 08 September, 2006 08:39 , Anonymous Erwin Oosterbeek said...

Thanks David. Looking forward to see your email.

Have a nice day, all of you of course.

At 08 September, 2006 09:47 , Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said...

So what you're sharing David, is just a compilation of unannotated games, right? I was under the assumption that you created a pgn file to which you added the games from the books you mention and added the annotation from the books as well. Because if it's just a compilation of unannotated games then i'm not interested. I have a whole bunch of unannotated grandmaster books in the form of pgn files. Anyway, the ChessBase format file (CBV) of Chernev's Logical Chess that i have, is actually an electronic version of the original book. Everything included. You can view it with ChessBase, ChessBase Reader (or Light) or one of the ChessBase playing programs. I assume you have one of those Erwin?

At 08 September, 2006 11:31 , Blogger transformation said...

yes, unannotated, never intended to say otherwise. you are not interested, ok. i was trying to help this other gent...

for example, romero's creative chess strategy, to use but one example, has games in it that are not on megabase,, chessmaster, or masterchess3000, or or fritz8.0, as some are arcane unknown games from spain, and needed to laboriously loaded by hand. some of nunns understanding chess are not in those places, etc, nor does mr chandler of gambit take much fancy to public postings of his books, as you also well know.

yes, others can do this better, np. but all conveniently in one place, i rest my case.

as i have said time and time again, this is not to be doctrinaire and say this is the way, only that this is what i do and make it available, if you follow.

thx for the great post, and till next time, david


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