Thursday, October 13, 2005

Man vs Machine (Anaconda 1.0) Match

Started another man vs machine match on my play day. This time against Anaconda 1.0 rated 1570 at it's lowest and 3000+ at full strength. Oops! Come to think of it, i forgot to play AnMon at full strength. Will do so after this match. It'll be 4 full strength games now, since i have to play Anaconda as well (4 meaning 1 as white and 1 as black against AnMon and 1 white 1 black against Anaconda). Anyway, i am leading the match by 1-0. It does play better then AnMon though (i think). Also, i decided from now on, to post all the game scores instead of only the best. So i am going to post the first game of this match right now, on my games analysis blog. For a replayable version of the game go here.


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