Sunday, December 17, 2006

I've had it with this crap!

I don't get it... I really don't have a clue what the causes the images i upload to keep on disappearing. I've put in quite a bit of work on the previous post in memory of Bronstein, creating diagrams and sh.t and they're all gone. I've been browsing through blogger's support pages (more then once) trying to find an answer, but i did not get any wiser. Only more frustrated. So frustrated i've decided to set up shop over at WordPress instead. Anyone who was interested in keeping up with my chess life should update my link on their sidebar with the following link: The Chess Of Edwin ‘dutchdefence’ Meyer. And for anyone who is interested in keeping up with my chess life, you should add it. Otherwise it is adios amigos, goodbye, au revoir, bonjour or whatever. It was fun while it lasted, but i've had it with this crap!

P.S. It will probably take some time for me to set up shop (and get accustomed to) over at WordPress, so bare with me.

This blog will be accesible at all times.

Update; If i'm correct, i've got the RSS feed set up (this is also in reply to Phorku's comment). I believe this is the feed for my entries. But you should check out the bottom of my new blog because you also got a feed for comments. I'm not really sure what's what yet. Try it out and let me know if it works.


At 17 December, 2006 11:16 , Blogger Majnu said...

This must be very frustrating, as you say. I would take the same step if I were you.
So now, take a deep breath and set up your new weblog with WordPress.

As soon as you set up your new weblog, I'll add it to my rss list.

Good luck!

At 17 December, 2006 15:53 , Blogger Majnu said...

Well Edwin, as you can see on by blog you gave me a good idea! I'm moving to wordpress too! is very nice.

the only thing is that we cannot import automaticly all the posts from blogger beta to wordpress. So I will make a selection of the posts that I want to copy.

At 17 December, 2006 16:30 , Blogger phorku said...

You don't have RSS on your new site yet. Can you let us know when you do so we can add you to our feed readers?


At 07 January, 2007 12:57 , Blogger Tom Chivers said...

I've had this problem from time to time too.

Blogger Help (I emailed them) had no idea why either.

But, I've worked out what to avoid and don't have this problem any more in blogger. You should avoid:

- images with an 'a' at the start of their name, especially if they have an 'a' later on
- images with a '-' in their name
- changing the date or time on posts - sometimes images disappear if you do this

At 04 September, 2008 09:55 , Blogger transformation said...

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