Saturday, November 26, 2005

Andrew Martin and The Basics of Winning Chess The Opening 1.a) Take the centre

Now, i know i've promissed myself not to start something new, before finishing what i've started first. I make exeptions for stuff like this though. Why? Because this is more of the general type of stuff. Stuff that can be generally applied. It does not concern a specific part of the game. Like all of a sudden start learning a new opening or something like that. I want to avoid doing other specific stuff while on PCT doing tactics. But i'll be going deeper into that in another post. This post is once again about the ChessBase DVD that i am watching. Tonight, i went from introduction to tips about the opening. It has 4 chapters. The first chapter is divided into two sections. 1 a and 1 b. Anyway, i've been watching (as you can guess from the posts title, 1 a :)
Now, 1 a, shows us a game (in which to my surprise my favourite opening was played, only using a less favourable variation) between Bent Larsen and Boris Spassky
(click to replay).
It is a game in which the importance of "taking the center" comes to light. White allows black to take the center, without directly challenging it, and ends up being punished for it. Again, this is a clear example of the basics in chess. So please, do watch. What else have i picked up? Well, not much this time. Except for the following advice; Stick to the basics untill you've completely mastered them. And that's all for 1 a.


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