Friday, December 16, 2005

High rolling in Las Venturas and watching Lost

In a follow-up of my "No more reports (for a while)" post, and to add meaning to my blog's description, i like to fill you in on what's occupying me at the moment which keeps me from active training. First of all i can tell you that i managed to set up the chessviewer i mentioned. Too bad though i cannot use it embedded as with the ICC viewer.
Furthermore, i am trying to free up the HD of the computer i am working on, by trying to finish GTA San Andreas. Which is starting to seem like an impossible task. Not that i have a problem with big games, but this game is just too much. The possibility even exists that i'm getting it off the HD completely, and get rid of it. The point is, is that it is a downloaded copy of the original DVD's contents, which is played directly and is not installed. In order to play it that way, the required diskspace is over 4 gigabytes. If i get rid of it, i get rid of it permanently, thus making my downloading efforts a waste of time. Not wanting my efforts to be a waste of time, i want to finish the game. However, i will not rule out the possibility entirely of getting rid of it. It just isn't nowhere near the GTA Vice City. And that was too little :)
Anyway, without provoking the army (which seems impossible in GTA SA) i managed to steal two tanks. A tank used to be a very beloved object of mine to obtain in Vice City for a number of reasons. In Vice City, i could (with a little skill) just provoke the army and steal a tank in the midst of the mayhem, needless to say that it is one of the first things i tried to do in GTA SA. The army in GTA SA however, isn't easy to provoke. And i never got a tank that way either. Instead they made me travel all the way to the desert of Las Venturas to go steal it from some military base. Feeling that with opening up Las Venturas the game is near completion, i dont even want the freakin' tank anymore.

But here it is anyway :)

And again :)

And speaking of Las Venturas, i finally made it. I was really looking forward to getting there since i could do some high stakes gambling there. It isn't as cranked up as some make it out to be though. As far as i know you can only make use of one casino in all of Las Venturas, and that is the casino you get to co-own.

A picture of me in front of my own casino. And if you're wondering what i am wearing, it's a gimp suit (in our country i would refer to it as a S&M outfit). And yes i am holding a purple dildo :) It does a pretty good job when you want to beat somebody up.
As you can see, i made quite a bit of money over in Las Venturas. About 10 million dollars to be exact :)

Here's another picture of my casino with my car in front :)
It's kinda like a Range Rover with hydraulics :)

A close up of my ride :)
But i also have some other rides.

This one for example. A Porsche like ride. Also on hydraulics :)

And a bike :)
Though there are nicer ones inside the game.

Here's one of my houses in Las Venturas :)

One of the fun Features of GTA SA, is that you get a camera at some point in the game, which you get to keep. That's how i got all these pictures. I'm acting like a freaking virtual tourist :)

I couldn't resist taking this shot :)
The bottom part of a Las venturas babe :)

She started mouthing off after i made the previous shot, so i had to do her :)

And what would Las Venturas be without an Elvis lookalike :) Or is it the real one living inside of a game?
Ok, ok... Enough with the pictures... I'm tired of Las Venturas myself actually :)Or should i make that tired of the entire game? Ok, so much for my videogame hobby.

Another hobby of mine is collecting and watching movies, and occasionally a good series (a series which i like to think is good). Now, i am not the type to fall for a series just because it is considered popular. There are only a few which i really liked (and would want to have) up untill now. Namely; Miami Vice, Oz, Sopranos and the most recent "Lost". In our country, the 1st season just finished. And i don't have a clue if and when they'll be showing season 2. Luckely, episodes 1 to 9 of season 2 are available for download. But because there's only little space left on the HD of this computer, i cannot download them all at once. I have downloaded 7 episodes and watched 6 of them. I am going to watch the 7th right after this post. I just can't get enough of watching it. Not that i've tried it, but i bet i can watch a whole season at once without getting tired of watching. I guess it's just the bizarity (if that is an correct english word) of the show that attracts me. But the acting performances are really good too.

Man, was that a long post. Or is it just the pictures that make it look long :) Anyway, i had to fill ya'll in.

Going to watch Lost now :)


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