Sunday, October 16, 2005

Training day report (whatever happened to progress reports?)

In light of recent changes, meaning the distribution of days and naming the days i play on play days, i decided that the days i study on should also have a referal name :)
I named them training days (now that must have been really hard to come up with...). Anyway, with these changes i am putting an end to progress reports. Instead, i will be reporting in terms of training days. Speaking of which... Training is going very slow. I only managed to finish unit 9 and 10 and am currently working through unit 11, managing to squeeze in a few positions per training day.

The level of difficulty is also seemingly increasing. It is taking me a lot more time to complete a unit, as you can see in the window. I am starting to have difficulty solving positions within the default time limit. I find myself more and more crossing it. And to think i am only at unit 11 of 52 of tactics module 1 of 6... On the other hand, i did solve some positions pretty much with ease, of which i know i would not have been able to solve them before without atleast a hint. I do feel PCT improves my tactical ability. It is also showing in my games. Anyway, after doing 10 units, i feel it is safe to say that tactics module 1 is all about mate problems. Untill this far it is. I am now solving 3 move mate problems.


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