Sunday, October 22, 2006


For those of you who are concerned about the loss of quality chess blogs i've got a hat tip for you; doggers●schaak. For my english speaking/reading visitors i would like to refer to it as doggers●chess. A personal favourite of mine. It even made it's appearance on the ChessBase website which published an interview with grandmaster John Nunn conducted by the weblog's author Peter Doggers.
Here is what the ChessBase website has to say about it;
Peter Doggers chess blog was launched in February this year. After just seven months it now has around five hundred unique visitors each day. The site offers a wide range of subjects: news, stories, analysis and even articles with streaming video. The highlight so far was the Olympiad 2006 coverage. The author has a rating of 2232. He achieved an IM norm in Amsterdam, 2004, beating then almost GM Daniël Stellwagen in an attractive last round game. The journalist/editor writes his blog in Dutch, and is not planning an English version soon. "But who knows," he says.
Not that I need a ChessBase article to point out the weblog's quality (i was a fan long before that), but i just thought i'd mention it.

Anyway, the ChessBase coverage is somewhat outdated, because not long after the article appeared, the author decided to start publishing in english as well. So, to my english speaking/reading visitors; If you're looking to fill the void others left behind, i can highly recommend doggers●schaak.

Untill next post!